Civic Engagement Exploration: A Waitress of Many Faces

Hello! My name is Lydia and I'll be your server today! May I get you any beverages to begin with? Perhaps an appetizer? How about a plate of screw you?

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Do you remember the last time you went to a restaurant? I bet it was a nice place. Did you enjoy your stay there? Did you enjoy your food? I bet your waitress was a woman. Do you even remember what she looked like? Do you remember how much you tipped your waitress? Or did you give her a lousy tip, because perhaps she seemed a little absent minded. Did you take into account that perhaps your waitress could be having a bad day? Struggling with alcoholism? Drug addiction? Spousal abuse? On top of it all, I bet her feet were hurting, and her back as well. That waitress is me. No, I am not a victim of alcoholism, drug addiction or abuse. But I am a victim of sexism, disrespect and exploitation in the waitressing business. Welcome to my Hypertext Civic Engagement Exploration: A Waitress of Many Faces. I invite you to view my first page, A Job of Disrespect. Thank you. Enjoy your day and please come again!