Personal Splash





In first learning how to publish a website, we were taught the most rudimentary and simplistic style possible.  However, when my webpage was done in this fashion, it resembled websites that I have previously visited and thought to myself “wow, this person has never made a website before.”  After this realization, I edited my page in a style that I found more professional and mature.  I chose a neutral text and background color for ease of reading and to avoid a color overload that screams “first website.”  In researching other websites, such as The Online Sandbox of Sean Baker , I found that typography in moderation added a large amount of sophistication and style to any page.  The Black Estate Vineyard Website was a great example of keeping the text, background, and photos in the same color scheme.  This website inspired me to neutralize my own photos to make sure they looked as if they belong explicitly for my page and its theme.  Furthermore, the Darling Tree Website displayed photos in an abstract and unconventional way, adding interest to the focal point of each page.  This is reflected in my splash page with the “Kodak effect” on my own photo.  When experimenting with typography, I learned that less is definitely more.  The I Love Typography Website explains proper uses of typography and illustrates interesting and uncommon ways to use it effectively.  Finally, the Real Beauty Website conveys its message in their website alone.  The color scheme and menu are presented in a clear and physically pleasing manner, making the website pleasant and easy to navigate for the user.  Overall, making my first website was a challenge but was also very fun at the same time.  There are an endless amounts of possibilities and options and the more I learn, the more creativity I can harness and apply to my websites in the future. 


This website is being created for CTW 1 at Santa Clara University for Marc Bousquet.