Personal Splash





Although I may look like a common American teenager, I have always celebrated my diverse upbringing and am more than happy to say that there is more to me than my stereotype may suggest.  Despite the fact that I was born and raised in a primarily Caucasian neighborhood and attended private schools my entire life, I come from a family of culture, struggle, and diversity.  In accordance with my light skin and green eyes, I am of an entirely white European background and am part of my family’s third generation to be born in the United States.  However, a mere passing glance cannot tell you about my first generation Japanese aunts, their unique cultural traditions, or my experiences growing up with them.  The hardships in my parents lives is not evident in the clothes I wear or home I live in.  Similarly, my Catholic education of over thirteen years does not suggest that I have ever yelled “Mazel Tov” or danced the Hora after a joyous Jewish wedding.  Despite common stereotypes that my appearance may lend itself to, I can truly say that there is more to me than meets the eye and I invite you to learn more.


This website is being created for CTW 1 at Santa Clara University for Marc Bousquet.