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            I first chose to produce a sight on low wage workers in the restaurant industry because I myself have worked in a restaurant and was personally enraged at the way in which tips are distributed amongst employees.  After composing my first draft, I changed the style of writing and added more interviews to make the website more powerful and less of my own personal sob story.  By making the writing less of my personal story and more broad, covering many positions, types of restaurants, and basing everything on fact, I felt that my website was influential and would speak to many people and educate on the topic of tip distribution.  The addition of the printable version was advantageous for my website because I tried to take myself out of the writing even more and to display the stories and facts that I researched to make it more moving for the reader.  This made sure that the printable version did not just sound like a poor college girl who wishes she made more tips, but rather it exposed a deep and flawed system prevalent in American restaurants.
            Tamara Draut’s Strapped highlighted the differences in my own life between many of America’s workforce who are trying to go to college but commonly end up working low wage positions.  I am lucky enough to be financially supported by my parents and am not constantly working to pay off student loans, but for many other this is not the case.  College has become so expensive that many students have to simultaneously work to pay off the bills and when something has to be cut from the budget, it is commonly school, thus forcing many people into the unfortunate cycle of low wage jobs as described in my final hypertext.  Although I have never had to worry about being put in this situation, I am well aware of the realities for so many other students and am very grateful for my own opportunity to study at a well respected private university that will help me get a better job and educate my whole self.
            Daniel Kurland’s 1995 definition of critical thinking, “Thus, critical thinking involves: following evidence where it leads; considering all possibilities; relying on reason rather than emotion; being precise; considering a variety of possible viewpoints and explanations” is very similar to the way in which I composed my own hypertext.  For this last research hypertext in particular it was essential to have facts and reliable sources in which to gain information from, rather than just writing about my own emotions.  By backing my opinions up with facts made a more convincing argument and it was strengthened even further by representing multiple viewpoints.
            Throughout my time in this class, I have not only learned how to publish a successful website, but it also taught the importance of multiple versions and choosing an appropriate audience.  I feel that each of my sites speaks to a different group of people and that my writing style changed from one website to the next and this will definitely help with any writing assignment from other classes.  The class readings were also very informative in regions that other classes would not necessarily cover.  They made me look at low wage workers from a different perspective and also shed light on jobs that I would have never considered when I look at certain industries.  Learning how to write hypertexts will be a useful skill because hypertext writing is the writing of the future.  Having this class as a background for writing in a different media than I am used to will allow me to be better prepared for the future of written word and make it possible for me to better convey my thoughts and ideas over the web.
            I feel that I completely met my midterm goals.  Although I did not add a video like I first wanted to because I could not find one relevant, with each website I added more and more skill and design aesthetic to my pages until it was a proud representation of my work.  In the future, I would like to continue to enhance the design and make more professional yet artistic pages by making use of more of the online resources availing and honing my own design skills.  When choosing the design for my websites, I made sure that I stayed true to myself and made decisions based on websites that I find enjoyable to look at.  Clear background and text color combinations were of utmost importance and I made sure when I strayed from my natural inclination of neutral colors that the added colors did not detract from my website or make it look any less professional.  If I had more time to continue working on the site, I would make minor design adjustments and add more generated font images to make the pages less bland and change the placement of my text in relation to the pictures.  I would like to push my own personal boundaries for my next site and try to entertain a new color scheme while my website still maintained its professionalism and integrity.  In regard to my other classes, a hypertext final would have been a more fun and interesting version of my final paper for my Anthropology 11A class.  Having a website would have allowed me to insert links to useful websites as well as add more pictures to enhance the writing.
            Overall, my final hypertext includes fifteen pages with an average of two or three internal links per page.  I have two navigation bars, both with six links.  My site contains fourteen external links as well, with over 2500 words of my own writing and a 2100 word printable essay version.  In addition to this, I have an annotated bibliography with nine sources total; two of them being books and the other seven electronic sources accessible via the school’s library.


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