little brother.

fan fiction. [prose]

by: K3LL1 RY@N

Name: Kristin Dodge (Ange)

Occupation: Double Agent, Department of Homeland Security

Mission: Locate central Xnet operators




Name: Marcus Yallow (M1k3y)

Occupation: Xnet coordinator, promoter

Crimes: Operation False Positive organizer, attempts to overthrow the United States of America Federal Government




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_____VampMob was a huge success.  The Xnetters turned out in unprecedented numbers.  There were adults there to witness the brute force that the police and DHS were surely going to enforce in a matter of moments.  I had one thing on my mind as I tried to escape my anonymous peers and followers: I had to find Ange.  Through all the hustle and bustle of the Civic Center, I found her.  Her beautiful long dark hair and with her mysterious slanted eyes caught mine from behind her thick frames.  All I could think of was the night before and what I wanted to do to her….
_____But there was not time for that now.  We found each other’s hands in the madness and I felt her firm sweaty grasp on my wrist.  The next thing I knew we were running as fast as we could as we heard God’s voice proclaim “THIS IS THE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY. DISPERSE IMMEDIATELY” and all of our pretend vampire allies started to writhe and choke themselves on the ground.
_____We tore out of the crowd of pale faces and gothic dress and started down Market.  Ange and I changed courses as soon as we saw the mass commotion of emergency service vehicles and a plethora of helicopters circling the gathering of the underworld.  As we started up a deserted alley that reeked of last night’s Chinese food, something changed.  Nothing that anyone else would have noticed, but I knew Ange well enough to tell that her attitude was different.  She was cold next to me, distant and impersonal like the DHS officers had treated me.
_____And that was when it happened.
_____I saw a shockingly familiar stark white 16-wheeler, unlabeled as to what type of contraband (or worse) could be in its massive trailer.  My legs turned into jelly as I tried to turn around and retreat to where someone would be able to hear my screams or see the crimes that were about to be committed.  I was unsuccessful.  The strength I had always admired Ange for was now my greatest enemy, being used against me. To imprison me. To imprison my rights. To imprison my country.
_____The driver of the truck greeted Ange with a wide smile, a certain familiarity about his voice as he called out to her.
_____“You’ve been a good girl, Ange.  What type of filthy, immature, Xnet trash did you deliver to Daddy?”
_____I didn’t want to know.  I couldn’t acknowledge what was really happening… My Ange, my angel, with this brainwashed monster with his DHS uniform hiding under his dirty mover’s costume.  I was thrown into the rough arms of two men standing by the truck that I honestly hadn’t noticed through my horror and disbelief of the situation.  After my wrists were bound tightly together, I finally had the power to look up at Ange. 
_____It had all been a lie, and her face showed it.  Once again there were tears rolling down her cheeks and splashing onto her vampire collar (that I had found sexy just a few minutes ago). 
_____She started to mouth, “I’m sorry…” but I couldn’t stand it any longer.  I couldn’t look at this girl that I thought I loved, thought I had shared something with.
_____The intimate hugs, deep kisses, and that one amazing night when we… I couldn’t stand the thought now.  I felt sick at the betrayal and the lies I believed to be so special and intimate. 
Her sympathy had disappeared as the truck started rolling and “Daddy” came into my compartment.  She hopped on his lap and gave him kisses and nuzzled her face into his neck.  Who nuzzles anymore anyways?
_____“I’m sorry I had to be so distant. I’m sure you were worried but you know that missions of this magnitude require utmost security and no contact from Boss.”
_____I could only guess who “Boss” was.  Probably the Secretary of State Kurt Rooney, that bastard.
Ange continued, “I was sent out to just try and find out what the whole Xnet business was about and try and round up a few of the weaker links in the Xnet so I could bring them in for interrogation.  I was assigned this task looking for some trout.  I caught a shark.”
_____“But girl, who is it?” Daddy responded.
_____The truck started to roll and I heard the door slam shut with a lock.

_____I must have passed out from choking on all the vomit that had accumulated in the bag over my head. Or maybe I was simply so shocked that I forgot to keep breathing.
            Anyways, when I woke up from my restless sleep, I knew I was in a familiar place, Gitmo-by-the-Bay.  However this time the cell was different.  There was literally nothing else in the room: myself, white washed walls, and the 5-layer maximum-security steel door holding me in the cell. 
_____When the door finally opened (and I can’t tell you how long that was- it could have been hours or days), I looked up to find Severe Haircut Lady, and a little to my surprise, Ange standing behind her butch figure.  They led me, shackled, into an interrogation room where Severe Haircut Lady allowed us some “privacy,” smirked at me, and left.
_____Ange’s posture, attitude, and even looks had changed too much for me to have any hope that this was some kind of sick joke or nightmare.  Her hair, once long and wild, was slicked back into a tight bun, her thick hipster frames replaced with professional rimless glasses, and her punk rock style exchanged for a severe pant suit.
_____What the hell had just happened? Was it even the same girl…
_____My question was answered when she started speaking.  Although her voice was stern and cold towards, I could just barely pick up traces of the old Ange I knew and loved. Well, thought I loved at least.
_____I had just barely opened my mouth to gawk or scream or curse or something when she decided to explain something to me first.
_____“Marcus, I am sure you have a million questions. Let me start. My name is actually Kristin Dodge.  As you have surely figured out, I am a double agent.  I started working for the police about five years ago.  You know all those drug busts where they sent police officers to schools to find all the kids that drink and smoke?  That was my initial position.  You have to understand, I am actually 26 years old but because of my small frame, my superiors removed me from traffic control and placed me with host families where I could pose as a high school student.
_____“I had returned to active duty, this time working in the cyber crime department, when the bombings happened.  With the rise of the Xnet, I was asked to return to my previous position, but working for the Department of Homeland Security.  This time, however Marcus, the stakes were much higher.  Instead of discovering petty crimes, I was assigned to find anyone and everyone involved in the Xnet and overthrowing the government.”
_____“Wait… Ange, or Kristin, whatever! Why… I mean how could you…?”
_____“I place national security above everything else Marcus, even if that affects my personal relationships. Look I’m sorry about the whole sex thing… I really didn’t know that it was your first time.  But sometimes duty calls and I did what I had to to.  You can be happy knowing that you were deflowered in order to protect this nation.”
_____It was so sick I couldn’t even fathom that the things she was saying were true, were  my reality.  “But Ange, you were there!  You heard me at the secret meeting, at the concert, over the Xnet.  You have to understand that this is harmless.  The Xnet is entirely Constitutional.  It is my own personal right to freedom of speech. I am not trying to overthrow the government, but rather to make them see what is really happening to innocent citizens.”
_____“And that is where you are wrong Marcus.  Your ‘rights’ come after national security and anyone that can raise that large and strong of a following is considered a danger.  You could be the next dictator.  The next Hitler. And it’s not a risk we, the Department of Homeland Security, are willing to take.”
“This is absolutely ridiculous! I can’t believe you could do this to someone that you knew. It makes me sick Ange.”
_____“Marcus, this conversation is over.”
_____She stood up from the table and turned to leave the room.  Kristin had her hand on the door knob when she turned and told me, “I really meant it Marcus.  What I said that night.  I love you.”
After being taken back to my cell that was all I could think about.  The look on her face as _____she told me that she loved me.  It was so messed up and she truly believed that she was doing the right thing, putting “national security” of utmost importance.  She was sick and brainwashed. Not the Ange I fell in love with. 
_____Laying on the cement floor in my cell that night, I couldn’t stop replaying the betrayal. Then I remembered Jolu leaving me with the Xnet on my back and Van not wanting to be involved.  If my parents knew they wouldn’t stand behind me… I could not trust anyone in this world of lies and betrayal.  I could never know their true motives. The girl I had loved once had done me in. For the rest of my life.


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