Personal Splash




Photo borrowed from Brussels Pictures.

Despite the fact that I went to Catholic school my entire life, my family has a diverse religious background.  My father’s entire side of the family is strict Roman Catholic and he was raised attending church every Sunday and was disciplined by nuns in his schooling.  The other side of my family is a different story.  The majority of my mother’s family is Jewish, although there are several Mormons and Buddhists added to the mix as well.  Considering the mix of religions in my family, it is clear that none of them are Orthodox or very strict in their religious beliefs.  However, their faith practices have contributed tremendously to my personal exposure to and acceptance of other faith groups.  My parents sent me to Catholic schools because they wanted me to be exposed to as many religions as possible and be able to discuss religion so I would be educated enough to make my own decision.  My primary and most important discovery throughout my personal journey in religion was that there are more similarities than differences between religions.  Various religions use different names to refer to their Higher Power, but essentially this god is the same.  Although the fundamentals of these religions are very different, the messages and values they teach are essentially the same.  I never classified myself as a member of one single organized religion but rather a member of many different congregations due to my diverse religious upbringing.


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