Personal Splash






Although I come from a small family with only six first cousins, family gatherings have always been a time of shared cultures and traditions.  For instance, one of my aunts, Kyoko, came into my family with a unique story of personal strength and resilience.  She ran away from her small village in Japan because she remained unwed and would have been forced into an arranged marriage.  Kyoko moved to Australia where she learned English and served as a tour guide in London where she met my uncle.  Although their story had a happy ending, their marriage was not initially popular due to the fact that Kyoko was twenty years younger than my uncle and about half the age of his first wife.  However, Kyoko overcame the judgment of her parents, traditional Japanese friends, and earned the trust and love of her in-laws.  I consider myself fortunate to have grown up with an amazing person in my life such as Kyoko because her example is a timeless lesson of finding strength in oneself and always following the heart. 



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