catholic school.


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I attended a very small Catholic grade school from kindergarten through eighth grade in a primarily Caucasian Christian neighborhood.  Although my classmates did not offer much diversity, the curriculum was taught in an informative and accepting manner.  In a required world religions course, the information was presented by focusing on the similarities between religions and the corresponding morals each religion preaches.  My experience in high school could not have been more different.  The students had a wider range of religions in my high school, but it was an incredibly close-minded and judgmental institution.  The Catholic religion was forced upon every student and there was no room for questioning the beliefs or discussing the doctrine.  This high school even went so far as to spend thousands adding the word “Catholic” to its official name.  My experience at John F. Kennedy Memorial Catholic High School made me doubt my faith and question statutes of the Church more than ever.  I am forever grateful that my family, Jewish and Catholic alike, provided me with an accepting and loving understanding of religion, the way faith should be.


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