There are countless debates over various aspects of education; however, the complex issue of school funding is what has affected me the most throughout my education.  Although I went to a parochial high school where privately paid tuition was the main source of funding, there were alternate contributors whose influence compromised my education.  Even with my less than desirable situation, the alternatives were even worse.  The school district I lived in includes several low-income neighborhoods, providing a scant amount of funding for the schools from tax money.  In deciding where to attend high school, I was forced to choose between a school with self-righteous, insular religion classes and another school that did not even have enough textbooks and chairs for its students.  Overall, I am pleased with my decision to attend the Catholic school and truly believe that the majority of my classes were challenging and helped me to become a better student and a more educated adult.  However, there were also many areas in which my education was distracted from important issues and instead replaced with petty rules and regulations to meet the requirements for funding.

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