Once the relationship starts, the work has just begun. Maintaining a relationship takes finesse. Any wrong step can obliterate any progress that has been made. Relationships are fragile things that take a lot of work to hold together. There are three things that can help to hold it together. The first of these is communication. Any relationship cannot survive without it. Each individual in the relationship needs to be able to communicate their problems with their spouse. If there are things bothering you, you need to talk with your spouse about them. Holding feelings in will only damage how you feel towards another person and yourself. The second key to holding a relationship together is commitment. It takes time to improve a relationship and with that comes the need to stay with it no matter how difficult it may be. You must be dedicated to the relationship and be willing to sacrifice something to make it work. The last of the three keys is love. What is a relationship with out some kind of love? Sure it started out with basic attraction, but after awhile if there is not some form of connection, the relationship is destined to fail. Relationships surely are more complicated than this but with these three keys, you can unlock the door to something better.

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