Now a day, body image is one of the biggest problems in the country, especially around youth. Although high school is a stressful time, during college the pressure of body image is a much more serious threat. There is a serious amount of pressure on college campuses to stay fit and to maintain an image. This pressure though is not coming directly from the media, but it is coming from our peers. Although media is the starting point for creating the “ideal woman” and it does affect us, it is not what affects us the most. By being surrounded by girls constantly, there is always pressure to fit in and look alike. On college campuses this is even more of threat because of the independence one has. These body image issues are even multiplied by organizations of girls that promote looking there best and keeping fit. This can be from a dance team to a sorority, but the affect is the same. I am not blaming these organizations though for the problems that occur on college campuses, but by having an identifiable organization that have members that are known for being attractive and fit, they become the standard. Because they become the standard, girls at times take on their values and manners in order to achieve their look. This can lead down a dangerous path and to very unhealthy habits. One of the most dangerous is eating disorders. According to the Walden institution, although eating disorders can affect all people, they are especially prominent among college students. In order to solve this problem we must be conscious of the effect that our peers do have on us. We must make sure to create our set of values and live our life, not someone else’s. This will create for a healthier campus, healthier self, and a healthier body image here at Santa Clara.

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