New media is what runs our lives in today’s society. According to Lievrouw, because new media is so common in our live many use it as a placeholder without knowing the true meaning of new media. In Alternative and Activist New Media, Lievrouw defines new media as “ information and communication technologies and their social contexts”(7).  This new media includes three components: “the material artifacts or devices that enable and extend people’s abilities to communicate and share meaning, the communication activities or practices that people engage in as they develop and use those devices, and the larger social arrangements an organizational forms that people create and build around the artifacts and practices”(7). The problem with this new media is that ownership rights are blurred very quickly for the sake that many of these new medias involve more than one person. Also in claiming ownership to some of this new media, this is stifling imagination and creativity for new forms of new media today. The great part of new media though is that it is has so much freedom. It allows for people all over the world to share their ideas and inspire others to express their creativity. Many believe that these amateurs are burdening our society though, but it presents a strong and well-deserved challenge to the experts of this world. Because new media surrounds this world constantly, one needs to secure himself or herself as a person and not allow new media to have total control ones thoughts and beliefs. Many believe there should be some ownership rights in order to protect intellectual property, but sharing is a benefit to this society. Cyberspace is a place of freedom and expression and although that should be protected, it should not restrict its citizens.

Commons Knowlege
The Benefits of Sharing
Keeping in Balance
The Freedom of Cyberspace
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English 138
Marc Bousquet

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