What makes a true athlete? It is hard work, dedication, passion, and joy. One does not do a sport unless they are madly in love with it, but isn’t love sometimes such a complicated emotion? Being an athlete is such a sacrifice of one’s time and body. How is it possible for one to love something that can hurt you so much physically and mentally?
      Being involved in a sport is such a love hate relationship. It is the love of one’s team and that one moment of greatness that makes all of it worth it. One day I would be complaining about how terrible running is during cross country practice and the next day I am proudly wearing my team sweatshirt because I loved the sport I was part of. Those terrible workouts are what makes you stronger and leads you to that moment that makes you understand why you love that sport. That adrenaline high— the pure joy.
      I have been a runner for 4 years and understand the self-sacrifice and self-motivation that running takes. I have always been used to a sport where you are the only one that pushes yourself to go faster. I sacrificed my body in order to lower my time and to beat people and I can honestly say all that pain was worth it. I loved cross-country. That satisfaction of meeting a goal or beating a time makes all the difference. In college I have moved on to a new sport. One where nine people are one unit—one identity— MEN’S CREW.

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