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Very few studies have been conducted that focus on forced labor exploitation within the human trafficking business. Human trafficking is the fastest growing and currently the second largest criminal enterprise in the world. Most of the victims end up in the sex trade, however 19% are exploited for labor use. Because there are an estimated 27 million trafficking victims worldwide, 19% of this population accounts for over 5 million people worldwide. These modern day slaves are often forgotten and inadequate research has been compiled concerning their involuntary labor.

Factories in Asia exploit these workers a number of different ways. Many victims of human trafficking are forced into work without their consent. Other victims may have given consent, however they are equally exploited due to false promises and a number of other tactics. Misleading victims into debt bondage is one method many factories have been found guilty of doing. A Nike factory in Malaysia made workers pay an upfront fee of a years salary and then confiscated their passports. This combination of debt and no identification left the workers with no choice but to face horrid working conditions and stay at the factory.

"Just do it" cartoon
A cartoon ironically portraying a young factory worker and Nike's famous slogan.

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