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Health Threats
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Nike factory workers in all parts of Asia are subject to very dangerous health threats. In China, workers are not given proper gear to protect themselves from the harmful chemicals they are forced to work with. These chemicals cause liver, kidney, and brain damage and far exceed legal limits of exposure. The low-wage workers put at danger are rarely told the truth about the chemicals they work with; many develop serious and chronic health issues without knowing the cause.

Employees are also overworked. In some factories a typical workday can be 20 hours long. These workers commonly faint and have died in some cases because of these conditions. Toxic fumes, hot working areas, and poor nutrition are just some of the health threats Nike workers face. In Indonesia employees have been physically abused for not wearing regulation shoes or uniforms.  Physical abuse and sexual abuse is common in Vietnamese factories also. Nike CEO Phil Knight has been accused of letting these offences go unpunished and not telling the public the truth.

Chinese Nike workers
Chinese Nike workers in their uniforms working. Not all workers are given proper saftey gear.

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