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Factory Culture
The cultures where Nike factories are in Asia are very different than American culture. When Nike began contracting these factories, just providing jobs was enough. The cultures surrounding these factories have always had a strong work ethic; it is the only way to survive. Although working 20 hours a day or sending your children to work may seem outrageous to modern Americans, this is simply survival in other cultures.

In the 1990’s Nike began addressing the criticism of poor working conditions in their factories and taking steps to correct them. The factories they contracted were not as eager to implement changes as Nike was. In a culture where poor working conditions were the norm, it would not be viable or make economic sense for these Nike contracted factories to make big changes to improve the conditions. Overtime Nike has continued to working towards improving factory conditions in cultures very different than American culture.

Nike workers in their dorm
Nike workers in their living quarters. While Americans are outraged by conditions such as these, the cultures that these factories are in do not show the same sympathy. Low-wages and harsh work is the norm.

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