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With such poor working conditions, one may ask why people keep taking factory jobs in Asia. Often times, potential employees are deceived and tricked into labor, and once they begin work it is difficult to quit. Some Nike factories in China force their workers to pay a months salary when they begin, and if they quit in their first year they loose their deposit. Loosing a months salary is not an option for many factory workers, it is money that keeps them surviving. $45 may not seem like a lot of money to many Americans, but that is the legal minimum wage per MONTH in Vietnam. However, Nike has violated these minimum wage laws and paid workers even less according to pay stubs and studies.

Despite the consequences, nearly 75% of Indonesia Nike workers quit per year due to unbearable working conditions. Such conditions include violations of overtime laws and minimum-wage laws. These are not the only dangers facing Nike low-wage workers. Many threats to health are prevalent in factory work, including exposure to toxic chemicals and poor nutrition.

Nike Factory in Vietnam
Workers in a Vietnamese Nike factory.

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