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A Life is a Life
Need Help the Most
New Life
Drug Abuse
Synthetc Drug

On Saturday, September 4, 2010 I received a text message
that would dramatically change the following months of my life.
A dear friend of mine, James O’Shea, age 19, had suddenly collapsed
due to a drug overdose – Ecstasy.
James was never the type to get involved with things such as drugs –
then again, it is always those we always assume have everything together,
everything tucked in tightly,
that need our help the most.

Upon hearing the news of James’ death,
I could not find myself to fully comprehend what news had just been shared with me.
Was this real? Was this a joke?
Had I just become one of those kids who lost a friend due to drug abuse?
Had I just become another statistic?
After a few seconds of asking the wrong questions,
I realized James’ death had affected me in a way that I had never imagined.
I understood death at times, brings to question life – but my own life?
I soon began to ask
Why James?
Why his family?
Why him?
Little did I know all these unanswered questions about James's death
gave me new life.