The initial objective of this project was to transform our own personal “Map of Self” – demonstrating the various communities that we are not only part of, but have shaped us in some shape or form – into our own personal webpage. Consisting of a splash page, as well as nine other supplemental links leading to other pages, our personal communities thus became available to the public sphere of the World Wide Web.

My initial design consisted of a basic format: rows, columns, solid background, and little to no topography. After visiting a few sites, however, (listed below) I began to rethink the look and feel I desired for my webpage. I began to add pictures, deleted rows and columns I felt unnecessary, and used various texts, fonts, and positioning in order to somewhat achieve the look I was aiming for. The color scheme and backgrounds are definitely amongst the top five things I enjoyed adding to my webpage the most.

Although I have made a few revisions and deletions, there are still a few more things I would like to add to my webpage in order to truly say I am satisfied with the look and feel of it. For one, I would like to add background music that will loop and play on each page. Second, I would like to add a video on the index page to emphasize the topic of the website. Third, I would like to add more pages that could possibly link to other pages relating to my topic. And finally, I would like to add on to the reflection portion of the webpage – to create a more online journal or blog feel.

After spending a mere few days with an entirely new program, I am however, happy with the outcome I have produced at this point. I look forward to adding and rebuilding to my webpage layer by layer throughout the course and produce a true work or World Wide Web art.