It’s post September 11, 2011 and The Government has implemented a series of heightened security measures to terminate and prevent any further attacks on home soil and the War on Terror. Thus far measures have proven successful, especially through the construction of what have come to be known as Servos (Latin for “to watch over, keep, protect, reserve”) – androids created with the intention to serve and protect their masters – essentially, humans.  Engineered with the capabilities to monitor, record, and playback information, each Servo is “linked in” to the mainframe located in Washington D.C., the hub of all collected data of each Servo. It’s the year 2020, the epoch of cybertechnology, bioinformatics, and the rise of Virtual Reality; security, economy, and policy is thriving – that is, until a sudden outbreak of violent attacks made by Servos on humans take place. Now, it is up to Eugene Ingenio, a retired Implementer (those employed by the government to assimilate Servos into society) and ex-engineer for The Government to put an end to the sudden outbreak. Will he succeed? Or has the War on Terror only just begun?