1. Describe your set-up:
In one to two paragraphs, describe a scene that introduces your characters, your setting, and the main conflicts in your story. You may want to review your conflict worksheet before you do this.

Place: Random street
Time: Late night/early morning

         It’s a random street, late night early morning and Eugene is walking the same walk he’s walked for the past nineteen years now – his walk to his one bedroom apartment. After working for The Government for nearly twenty years, since being recruited directly out of his senior year in high school, it is simple walks like these that Eugene has come to appreciate the most. No data to log, no mechanisms to test, no surveillance teams watching his every move in the lab – nothing, just him and his simple, isolated steps. Tonight is different, however. He feels vigilant eyes watching him. He stops here and there ever so often to look about – nothing. He continues walking until the call he’s been dreading finally happens. His pocket begins to beep. He stops. Looks at his watch. “It can’t be.” He checks his device, answers the call, and is immediately told to get into the car. Suddenly a black unmarked vehicle pulls alongside the curb. Eugene gets in.
Shortly after the car drives off Max, one of the many Servos who have ran away form their masters, reveals himself in the city lights of the street. In hiding from The Government on the hunt to terminate any Servos in sight, Max is the Servo responsible for the string of outbursts and attacks on masters. Max causes the rebellion as he comes to believe Servos have no use for masters, as they have become autonomous beings thanks to The Government’s efforts of security. Having been hiding in the alley, waiting to approach Eugene for answers, he had recognized the black vehicle from afar as the same one earlier that day during the sudden outburst of Servos. He follows the vehicle with Eugene in it, determined to speak to the man responsible for his creation.


2. Describe your inciting incident:
In one paragraph, describe the event that causes your protagonist to begin his or her adventure.

Place: Washington, D.C. Mainframe Headquarters
Time: Early morning

         After suddenly being contacted by The Government, Eugene is swept away to Mainframe Headquarters where he is debriefed by Fred Follis (Latin for idiot), head of the DTS (Department of Technical Security), on the recent surge of outbursts of Servos. Identifying Max to be the organizer of the upsrugance through recorded data, Follis reminds Eugene of the life he had once led and the ongoing responsibility he will forever have despite his retirement. Persuaded by Follis to come out of retirement to help The Government put an end to the violence, and hopefully correct all the wongs already done, Eugene is assigned to track, discover, correct, and if need be, terminate any Servos in the name of security.

3. Describe some of your rising action: Write a list of five events that build up to the climax of your script. Don’t forget to include all of your supporting characters.

- Eugene as a Computer Scientist on the brink of his creation
- Sudden outburst of Servos; introduction of Max
- Eugene contacted by Follis
- Eugene contacting Lenny, his aid during his years in the lab (Latin- lenis – kind)
- Eugene’s encounter with Max

4. Describe your climax:
In one paragraph, describe what will happen in the climax of your script.

         Eugene and Max finally meet face to face at the roof top of where it all began: the lab where Max was created. Max at this point has transformed as a character as he has grown more and more vicious in his journey to find answers (why was he created? How to become FULLY autonomous?). Eugene has transformed as a character as he realizes the consequences (both good and bad) of his creation. He also begins to understand the sudden flashbacks he has been having since Follis’ mentioning of Max – random nights at the lab, numerous feelings of being watched – almost as if he had retrograde amnesia. They begin to fight as Eugene’s attempt to negotiate prove futile and Max’s demands go unheard.

5. Describe your falling action:
In one to two paragraphs, describe what happens after the climax. Does your protagonist get what he or she wants? Does the antagonist get defeated? How?

          Max is destroyed by Eugene and the rebellion of the Servos ceases as The Government puts an end to the chaos. Eugene is in confusion at what has just occurred and re-evaluates what he has done and what he must do to right his wrongs.

6. Describe your resolution:
In one to two paragraphs, describe how everything works out in the very end. Remember to show how your characters changed because of their journey.

          Eugene returns back to work after realizing his responsibility to others. He and Lenny get married. He creates a new invention called Maximus.