Your Protagonist

More than anything in the world, my protagonist wants: To fix the situation, bring peace and safety back

But he/she is afraid of: what exactly that may entail…will he have to destroy his very own creation? Is he considered responsible for all of this? If not, morally responsible?

And his/her greatest weakness (is it something like dishonesty or shopping?):
Weakness: his pride

Physical Antagonist

More than anything in the world, my antagonist wants (this can be as simple as humiliating the protagonist, or something a little more ambitious like world domination): To gain his freedom/find his creator - Eugene

My antagonist’s “beef” with the protagonist is: he somewhat resents Eugene for even bothering to be created – why be created if you’re not free to do what you want?

My antagonist is afraid of: termination
His/her greatest weakness is: deep down he has developed some type of moral outlook