1. Name: Eugene

2. Age: 34

3. Height: 5"11

4. Eye color: Green

5. Physical appearance: physically fit but not built; brown shabby hair; deep, caring eyes

6. Special skills/abilities: amazing abilities in cybertechnology, hacking, bioinformatics, and engineering

7. Insecurities: failure

8. Temperament (easygoing, easily angered, etc.): easily annoyed; short temper when it comes to idiocy; but kind in nature

9. Negative traits: temper


1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Height:
4. Eye color:
5. Physical appearance:
fit - he was created for "perfection"
6. Special skills/abilities:
super strength, ability to monitor, record, playback - on-sight learning
7. Insecurities:
termination; curiosity
8. Temperament:
9. Negative Traits:
slightly big-headed

1. Why is he or she facing off against the protagonist?
He wants to find answers to his questions; no longer wants to serve his purpose of "security"

2. Any likeable traits?
His story is somewhat relatable - it's his views on the issue that allow the audience connect with him

3. Weaknesses: a somewhat moralistic outlook

Supporting Characters:


1. Relationship to the protagonist: lab assistant

2. Character's favorite thing about the pro: his genius

3. Similar to protagonist: drive to accomplish; passion for the job

4. Differences from protagonist: sees it as a job first rather than a passion; doesn't really see the big picture