A pair of new Nike Hyperdunks - $125.00
A cozy new GAP cardigan - $69.00
A cute new dress from Forever 21 - $21.00
A day out and about in style?...

Try hours upon hours of low-wage labor, sweat, and appaling working conditions.

Upon the millions of low-wage workers struggling to make ends meet, or rather, even reach an end, sweatshop workers within the fashion industry have found their plight withing the cement warehouse walls that create the precious woven, dyed, and stitched materials hanging in your very closet.


With big name brands selling their clothing, sweatshops have come to be a commodity within the fashion industry. It is cheap labor for not-so-cheap clothing (in most cases) that provide the means to the ultiamte end for any business - cash flow.

Taking into consideration horrid conditions of sweatshops that make the clothing we all adore - wages as low as $4 per hour, long work days, usually 10 hours long, and decrepit facilities, if any - such things change what comes to mind when one hears
you are what you wear

Within this site I will be delving into the world of a low-wage sweatshop laborer, bringing to light personal accounts of laborers, presenting the conditions of the sweatshop industry, as well as the effects seatshop labor has on a grander scale.


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