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Hey everyone. If you’re reading this you most likely already know that I created this page in rebellion of the over-surveillance that has recently emerged in our city. We all know that the government cannot just sit around and do nothing after the terrorist attack that just happened, but the measures that they have taken are way too extreme. It is extremely important to catch whoever is responsible for the attack, yet it is completely corrupt to stop so many innocent people in the process. They are totally invading our privacy and have destroyed the lives of so many people. This website is a place for all of these people to share their stories in order to create awareness of this corruptness that is occurring. Whether you lost your job, your wife, or your dignity, this is completely anonymous and I highly encourage you all to please share whatever you can. Even if you have nothing to share, reading through this site will help you understand what is going on, and hopefully at least one of the stories will affect you enough to join the fight.


*If you would like to submit your own story, please email me at*