Marcus' New Plan

Written by: Jacob Brinkley

My personal remix of Cory Doctorow's Little Brother

1 Scene opens with a fade in and over the head view of Marcus who is sitting on a bed in a fancy hotel. He has black slacks on and a white dress up shirt on, his tie is undone and hanging around his neck. His head rests in his hands as he stares at the floor. We hear off in the bathroom a voice and the blowing of a blow-dryer.

2 Camera now shows Marcus's face as he turns to the voice in the bathroom, his expression is melancholy. He stares at the bathroom for a second and then looks down at the ground again.

3 Camera now shoots the bathroom door as a woman emerges; she is wearing an elegant black dress and is in the process of putting on her makeup. Her hair is still a bit damp. The camera follows her as she goes over to the bed and sits down next to Marcus and puts her hand on his shoulder. She looks worried about Marcus and finally talks to him.

Ange: What's the matter?

Marcus: (Remains silent)

Ange: Don't worry about anything babe, the plan will go fine. We've been planning this for months.

Marcus: It's not that, I've been thinking… You sure we are doin the right thing?

Ange: (Almost looks taken aback as she removes her arm from his shoulder)
Of course we are. It's gotta be done; we've come so far and have given up so much for this plan. Think of Darryl, Van all of them, what they did for us…

Marcus: (Starts to smile)
Right Ange, we need to do this, it must be done. Tonight it ends; tonight we will send our message.

Ange: (also starts to smile and hug Marcus) I know I'm right, I always am.

Marcus: uh huh.

4 Camera cuts to Ange getting up from the bed and heading into the bathroom, Marcus stands up and ties his tie, once he finishes tying the tie, the camera cuts to the next scene.

Scene 2: We see Ange and Marcus locking the door as the camera is doing a panning dolly shot. WE then see them start to walk away to the elevator, the scene then cuts to the next.

Scene 3: Ange and Marcus are in an elevator with several other people who are all taking and having a good time, Ange and Marcus remain silent and merely look at the elevator door not blinking. The scene then ends.

Scene 4: Ange and Marcus are walking thought the hotel lobby each dressed up and walking towards a limo that is parked directly outside of the hotel.

Scene 5: the camera is inside the limo and we see the door open and Ange get in. She takes her place inside the limo and immediately rolls up the window between the driver and the passengers. Marcus tells the limo driver where they are to go and then gets into the limo and sits next to Ange. As soon as the limo pulls away from the hotel they begin to talk about the plan.

Marcus: Okay let's go over the plan one more time.

Ange: Alright, as you know the President has ordered the people to drop balloons at the end of his speech, this is the time in which we will strike. There will be chaos all around and this will be the perfect time to strike. Our agents have planted a silenced rifle in the projector room that will enable you to attack from there. But before all this, we will play our video for the media and all attending, we will spread our message. And for escape, we will go into the kitchen and change our cloths so that we appear to be one of the chefs. Additionally we have hired a truck driver to get us out of there and drive us to the rendezvous point.

Marcus: Okay you have the video that we are going to show?

Ange: Our agents have gone ahead and put it over the president's so that it will play instead.

Marcus: Perfect.

The both of them sit in silence until they arrive to the event, there is a long line waiting to get into the event. The camera sits to outside the limo to show the line of cars and a sign that reads "Presidents Birthday Gala Parking".

Scene 6: The camera cuts to the limo pulling up to the front entrance and the door opening. Marcus and Ange step out of the vehicle and the limo pulls away. Hundreds of people flood outside the building, all are waiting to go through security. Finally they make it through, they then head into the building where the take their seats.
The tables are all decorated extravagantly. Marcus and Ange are joined by four other couples.

Scene 7: We cut to Marcus and Ange sitting down at their table. Other couples sitting at the table join them. As soon as everyone sits down the ceremony commences

Announcer: Good evening and welcome to the Presidents 65th birthday. It is an honor just to be here and commemorate our commander in chief's birthday. On behalf of the President and his family, we welcome you and thank you for being able to attend tonight. Now please, sit back and enjoy the ceremony.

Dinner is served and the ceremony goes on with several other speakers and MCs. The time is coming closer. Marcus and Ange sit in silence and do not interact with the others that are at their table, they merely watch the others interact with each other. They eat in silence and merely watch and are mindful of their surroundings. Finally, Marcus gets up from his seat and makes his way over to the projector room. The projector room door is right next to the bathroom door, thus all Marcus has to do is tell the guards that he is going to go to the restroom.

Scene 8: He eventually makes his way over to the projector room; he opens the door and immediately kills the operator with a knife. He puts the body in the corner and picks up the rifle in order to make sure that he has bullets in it. He then cocks the rifle and sits in a chair overlooking the entire gala. The camera angle is that of Marcus's view, as if we are looking through his eyes, his hands come up and wipe his brow of sweat. The President's speech has started and is nearly done. We catch the tail end of it.

President: …And to keep things short, thanks again for coming here to help me celebrate my birthday, it truly means a lot for all of you to come here. Now let's sit back and watch the short film about my last year as President.

However, instead of the video of the president playing, the film has been switched out for Marcus' film. It starts to play and immediately people start to wonder what is going on. Only Marcus' face is on the screen.

Marcus in the film: Hello my fellow Americans, hello Mr. President, happy birthday by the way. Tonight is something special, not only is it the president's birthday, but also it is a night of change and awakening. For the past few years we citizens of the US have gotten more and more lazy. We have allowed the government to grow and ensnare us. We have been stripped of our rights and most of you just sit idly by. Now I am not saying that it is your fault, in fact you are not to blame whatsoever, it is in fact the government's fault; our leaders, whom we trusted to lead our country towards prosperity, not censorship and complacency. Well no more, tonight I will send a message out to all of the citizens out there to remind them that we live in a country that allows the citizen to control the government. This nation was founded on individual rights, and I will do whatever it takes to ensure those rights. Join me in this revolution, citizens and help me ensure what our founding fathers and ancestors fought and died for so long ago. Rise up and take hold of your rights. The time is now, now stand up and fight!!!!!

At the end of these words, the balloons started to drop; everyone stood there dumfounded and not sure what to think of the situation. As the balloons fell by the thousands, Marcus took aim at the President who was still on stage. He exhaled, took the safety off and set a single bullet loose, it hits the president directly in the heart and kills him instantly. The president falls but only the people closest to him notice. After this, Marcus leaves the gun with the projector operator and walks towards the kitchen.

Scene 10: Now in the kitchen, Marcus finds Ange already changed into her cloths; she is wearing a white shirt with black pants and a hair net. Marcus and Ange go into the refrigerator and Marcus begins to change. Marcus starts to remove his cloths when Ange says something.

Ange: We did it babe, we actually did it (almost on the verge of crying)

Marcus: Yup… we sure did do it, but we still have something else to do.

Now the two of them look at each other, they stare at each other and finally kiss. They kiss for a fair amount of time. Finally Marcus puts on the rest of his cloths and the two of them exit the fridge. In the kitchen, everyone is standing, running and wondering what happened. Marcus and Ange make their way over to the exit of the kitchen. They bob and weave through people towards the exit. They finally reach the door and open it and go out.

Scene 11: as part of the plan, Ange and Marcus have a semi-truck waiting outside for them; they start to make their way over to the truck when a security guard comes towards them. He points at them and says

Security guard: Hold it right there, where you going? (He then talks into his walkie talkie) I have a pair of suspicious kitchen workers, requesting backup.

Ange and Marcus look at each other. They continue walking towards the guard and as soon as they get close enough to him, they strike him and knock him to the ground; they then make a run for it towards the truck. The security guard starts to get up and radios in that Marcus and Ange are trying to escape. The starts to chase after them but they have already gotten into the truck and pulled out guns. They start firing at the guard in order to scare him off. The truck pulls away and heads towards the white house. The two of them take RPGs and keep the cars behind them at bay. The entire sequence there are several destroyed cars and other mayhem taking place. This will be a very action packed sequence. Finally after several scenes of this action, the truck finally makes it to the White House where Marcus and Ange will make their final stand against oppression.

Scene 12: Not the truck is diving towards the White house and you can tell that it is not going to stop, it plows thought the fence and rams into the white house, it plows through the wall and into the oval office. Here Ange and Marcus make their final stand. They load up with ammunition and other weaponry. They see the police outside forming a barrier around them, no way to escape now. Additionally news helicopters are outside and on the streets covering the story. Thus Marcus and Ange come out with their hands up and start talking to the police and the news reporters.

Marcus: My fellow Americans, we did what we thought was necessary to ensure our rights and to overthrow this oppressive and police government that has formed in our country. I knew that I had to do something drastic in order to capture the nation's eye. Through this action hopefully I have caused you to realize that we need to take back this country, our ancestors fought and died to protect this nation and what it stood for. Now we have skewed from what this country was built on. Tonight Ange and I will serve as martyrs to this revolution, we have given our lives to this revolution, and hopefully through our deaths we will cause an uprising and a reestablishment of what it means to be an American.

At the end of his speech the camera is overhead the two and fading back, we see Ange and Marcus look at each other, tears in their eyes, and look back at the police and news people, the screen slowly goes dark and we hear two gun shots ring out and echo. The audience is left with questions such as whether or not their plan and demonstration was enough to provoke a revolution.