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Incredibly moving - we laughed, I cried.  Mostly we laughed. Such expressive dancing. The text was a riot, and the dad's were sensational! 

Hats off to you all!

Patti Simone, Santa Clara University Psychology Dept.

Created and Performed by
David J. Popalisky
in collaboration with composer

True Rosaschi

and master juggler

angglRock Lerum

Video Coming Soon

Celebrating fathers everywhere, The Fatherhood Project asks, "Who are fathers, really?"  From comical incompetence to unguarded anger, fathers receive frequent performance reviews by children, spouses, and fathers themselves.

Blending dance, juggling, and Rosaschi's original music integrating interviews from fathers and children, this performance reveals the complexity of fatherhood by exploring the many hats dads wear, from breadwinner to coach to remote control tyrant. The Fatherhood Project features the dancing of Popalisky, the Dads Don't Dance ensemble, Santa Clara University dancers, and master juggler Rock Lerum.


© 2007 David J. Popalisky