What I've Learned



1st Quarter

Personal Hypertext

Analytical Hypertext

Research Hypertext

2nd Quarter

Remix Hypertext


Short Remixes




Throughout the two quarters of Remixing Little Brother I have learned a lot about making a successful hypertext, research, and remixing an idea. In order to make a successful hypertext, I feel the most important aspects are layering the pages based on relevance to your message, easy navigation, and a design that focuses on the text rather than other distractions such as titles or pictures. As far as research goes, I learned the difference between scholarly work and unscholarly work and the importance of backing up arguments with data. I also learned how to write a proper annotated bibliography citing the source and including information relevant to my argument. I also learned how to write a review of literature, mapping out the arguments of scholars and of my own contribution to those arguments. Lastly, I learned how to remix an idea. Taking a concept and showing in in another light or changing it somehow to make an interesting point. Overall, I believe this class was successful in teaching me how to write and think critically through hypertext, research, and remixing.