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Welcome to my website, my name is Dylan Cavaliere and I am a freshman at Santa Clara University. I have spent my entire life in Redwood City, California which is merely twenty-five miles from Santa Clara’s campus. I am a true Californian and felt no need to leave the state unlike most of my friends who spread out across the country. My main focus in college is to become more knowledgeable, but I would like to have fun and party as well. In order to really get to know me you will need to hear about my family first. Ever since I was born, I have been raised to value family above anything else. We have always been close because nearly everyone in my family lives in the bay area or somewhere nearby. My immediate family hails from two different parts of world. My father is one hundred percent Italian, whereas my mother is full Irish. Both sides of my family feel strong connections to their heritage, yet somehow I have found a way to identify with both of them. In spending so much quality time with them, I have attained certain values from both of sides of my family and hope to see them flourish here at Santa Clara Univeristy.

Carrolls SCU Reflection

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