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Though equal rights were extended to women in the early 20th century, it is going to take a long time before things are truly equal. Thousands of years of women being held as lesser beings cannot be undone by one century of equal rights in America. Because women have been thought of as less for so long, stereotypes have become a real problem today. Not only do many people assume validity in stereotypes, but because of their existence, women unknowingly play into the stereotypes.
My own experience in this issue involves my personal observations throughout my life thus far. I often witness girls I know play perfectly into the female stereotype. I see women play dumb in an effort to gain attention or to receive help with a task. I see women excuse bad behavior; they see themselves as privileged in a sense. They can be catty and crude and abusive, all without repercussions. I witness this and deplore it, as I am sure many other groups of people do as well.
The trick to addressing this issue is to see it from all points of view. To step back and take a look at how different groups of people attempt to rationalize and explain the stereotypes our society can’t seem to live without. The best way to do that is by example. That’s why there are several anecdotes from friends and family on this issue. And despite my research, I am far from being able to rationalize it all. So I offer you what I do know, and hope we can make the best of it.

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