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The results of reading a text depend upon the questions one brings to the reading. This course explores select New Testament books through five different types of questions or critical methods: literary criticism (Gospel of Mark), redaction or editorial criticism (the relationship of the Synoptic Gospels—Matthew, Mark and Luke), rhetorical criticism (Letter to the Romans, Letter to the Galatians), social-scientific criticism (Letter to James, Letter to Philemon), and feminist criticism (First Letter to the Corinthians, First and Second Letters to Timothy, Gospel of Mary). Through your close reading of the texts and of the various theories of criticism, your active role in the process of reading and interpretation will be exposed and illuminated, so that your reading of any text will hopefully become more sophisticated.

How to Use this Web Site

The tabs at the left guide you to course resources.  Use them to access directions, schedules, research tools and grades throughout the quarter, as needed.  The Class Prep pages provide introductions to each day's readings and questions you will be expected to prepare in advance of each class, along with exercises that will reinforce in-class work and prepare you for quizzes and exams.
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