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This course examines the three most similar stories of Jesus in the New Testament: the Gospels of Mark, Matthew and Luke. Through close reading and guided observation, you will gain a basic mastery over the content, formal features, social locations and theological perspectives of these three short stories. In addition, comparative analysis of the three will challenge you to consider several questions:
  • how the gospels are related to one another
  • why these three gospels (and John) were selected as scripture against some 17 others
  • what these stories tell us about the historical Jesus
  • what these stories tell us about the early Christian communities
How to Use this Web Site

The tabs at the left guide you to course resources.  Use them to access directions, schedules, research tools and grades throughout the quarter, as needed.  The Class Prep pages provide introductions to each day's readings and questions you will be expected to prepare in advance of each class, along with exercises that will reinforce in-class work and prepare you for quizzes and exams.
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