The World of Standardized College Admissions Testing and Whom it Affects

Just mention college applications and the first thing that comes to mind for many students is standardized testing. Standardized college admissions tests have been plaguing high school students since the early 1900s, adding another stressful component to their already busy lives, myself included. Preparing for the ACT, SAT, and SAT II’s was definitely the most nerve-wracking part of the college application process and one of the most trying aspects my high school career.  The fact that these tests involve high stakes especially for students is really distressing. Instead of studying for the ACT/SAT, students could be concentrating their attention on more important academic and extracurricular activities that could be beneficial for them in the future.

When high stakes are involved,
high school educators are pressured to sufficiently prepare students for the tests. Administratros are forcing teachers to change their way of teaching in order to have students achieve the highest scores possible. This skill-and-drill way of teaching for the sake of tests negatively affects the way students acquire knowledge.

Through this project, I hope to show the advantages and disadvantages of standardized college admission tests and how the process relates to the students, their families, their high school teachers, and their prospective colleges.

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