not a fairy tale
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Everyone is familiar with the childhood tale of Cinderella. Her wealthy stepmother and stepsisters forced her to perform all of the household duties--all of the cleaning, scrubbing, washing--gaining practically nothing in return.

What many may not realize is that housecleaners in reality work similar miserable lives, with little benefits and low wages, but their story rarely has a “happily ever after.” On the job, they have to contend with long hours of exhausting manual labor, which greatly affects them physically--and sometimes even emotionally. The cleaning companies that they work for provide practically no help for their employees’ well-being, telling them instead to “work through it.” The life of a housecleaner is very trying and is full of hardships.

With this hypertext, I wish to present a personal aspect of the housecleaning industry on behalf of the hard-working cleaners and to show others that their lives are frequently surrounded by poverty and tribulations.



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