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When I first tell people that I’m from New Mexico, they almost always respond with surprise and unfamiliarity. “New Mexico? What’s in New Mexico?” It’s practically impossible for me to sufficiently sum up my state in one response--there’s just too much to describe.            

The “Land of Enchantment” truly does embody its title. Besides having spacious deserts, daily blue skies, and alluring mountains, New Mexico is broadly multicultural and is brimming with traditions. Without the contributions of various cultures over time, the 505 just wouldn't be the same. I profoundly value this sense of multiculturalism and traditionalism in my state because it allows me to connect with my fellow New Mexicans and celebrate our state's beautiful culture with one another, sharing our New Mexico.

Through this site, I hope to show you how wonderful my home state truly is, and why I cherish New Mexico so much.

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