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About Barred from Life

Barred from Life is a performance work that illuminates the human experience of individuals wrongfully convicted of crimes they did not commit. Based on interviews conducted by SCU Dance Professor David J. Popalisky with Chicago and the San Francisco Bay area exonerated individuals who have spent years in prison, some on death row, Barred From Life explores their tragically real but often invisible stories through dance movement, video imagery, original music by True Rosaschi, and excerpts from the interviews.
Barred from Life premiered March 31, 2004 at Santa Clara University to enthusiastic acclaim from over 500 people over two performances. Post performance discussions addressed the critical issues of wrongful conviction and included Delbert Tibbs and James Newsome, exonerees from Chicago, additional Bay Area exonerees and Professor Cookie Ridolfi, Director of the Northern California Innocence Project, along with David J. Popalisky.





Northern California
Innocence Project

"I need a poem, a master poem.
Once and for all I need a poem to destroy poetry and break these iron bars.
A poem to make the stars blink, a poem to trouble the sleep of the chained,
Some words and strikes of magic to be heard through all the world.
Power sounds to hurl all wrong to appropriate places."