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Katerina Bezrukova

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Curriculum Vitae

 Statistics 40
 Diversity 156
 I-O Psychology 157
 Advanced I-O Psyc 161

Research Projects
 Group Faultlines



Katerina Bezrukova, Psychology Department
Santa Clara University

Peacekeeping Project

Ramarajan, L., Bezrukova, K., Jehn, K.A., and Euwema, M. (In press). From the Outside In: The negative spillover effects of boundary spanners’ relations with members of other organizations. Forthcoming in the Journal of Organizational Behavior. Paper

Ramarajan, L., Bezrukova, K., Jehn, K., Euwema, M., and Kop, N. (2004). The relationship between Peacekeepers and NGOs: The role of training and conflict management styles in international peacekeeping. International Journal of Conflict Management, 15: 167-191.

Bezrukova, K., Ramarajan, L., Jehn, K.A., and Euwema, M. (2003). The role of conflict management styles and content-specific training across organizational boundaries. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, CM: C6. ISSN: 1543-8643. Paper