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Katerina Bezrukova

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 Statistics 40
 Diversity 156
 I-O Psychology 157
 Advanced I-O Psyc 161

Research Projects
 Group Faultlines



Katerina Bezrukova, Department of Psychology
Santa Clara University

Potential Faultlines Measure (Fau Algorithm)

SAS based code for Faultlines calculations. (ZIP file: click and Save Target to your PC's hardrive (C))               Instructions

Zanutto, E., Bezrukova, K., and Jehn, K. (2010). Revisiting Faultline Conceptualization: Measuring Faultline Strength and Distance. Quality & Quantity. DOI 10.1007/s11135-009-9299-7. Paper

Bezrukova, K., Jehn, K., Zanutto, E., and Thatcher, S.M.B. (2009). Do workgroup faultlines help or hurt? A moderated model of faultlines, team identification, and group performance. Organization Science, 20(1), 35-50. Paper

Active Faultlines Measure (Scale Development)

Jehn, K. and Bezrukova, K. (2010). The Faultline Activation Process and the Effects of Activated Faultlines on Coalition Formation, Conflict, and Group Outcomes. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 112(1), 24-42. Paper

Other Faultline Papers (Empirical Studies)

Bezrukova, K., Spell, C.S., and Perry, J. (2010). Coping with injustice: Faultlines and mental health in diverse workgroups. Personnel Psychology, 63, 727-759. Paper

Bezrukova, K., Thatcher, S.M.B., and Jehn, K. (2007).  Group heterogeneity and faultlines:  Comparing alignment and dispersion theories of group composition. In K. J. Behfar and L.L. Thompson (Eds.), Conflict in Organizational Groups: New Directions in Theory and Practice (pp.57-92). Evanston, IL: The Northwestern University Press. Paper

Other Faultline Papers (Theory)

Spell, C. and Bezrukova, K. (2010). A Question of balance? Women, men and high performance organizations. French review of social sciences “Travail, Genre et Société,” 23, 193-201. Paper

Bezrukova, K. and Uparna, J. (2009). Group splits and culture shifts: A new map of the creativity terrain. In M.A.Neale, B.Mannix & J.Goncalo (Eds.), Research on Managing Groups and Teams (pp.161-191), Vol. 12. Stamford, CT: JAI Press. Paper

Jehn, K., Bezrukova, K., and Thatcher, S.M.B. (2008). Conflict, diversity, and working in teams. In C. K.W. De Dreu and M. Gelfand (Eds.), The Psychology of Conflict and Conflict Management in Organizations (pp.179-210). The SIOP Frontiers Series, New York, NY: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Paper