Index Librorum Prohibitorum
Alexander Goya
I am Thou... Thou art I...
The time has come...
Open thine eyes...
and call forth what is within!
Carpe Diem... Seize the Day...
I summon Thee...

Welcome to the shadow of Alex's mind.
Here you will find all my projects for Remixing Little Brother with Mark Bousquet at Santa Clara University.
Fall Quarter 2011
Personal Hypertext:
The Stigmatization
of Anime

The Fool Arcana
Analytical Hypertext:
Piraters and the
Anime Industry

The Magician Arcana
Research Hypertext:
Chinese Electronic
Factory workers

The Preistess Arcana

Learning Essay

The Empress Arcana
Winter Quarter 2012

Little Brother Remix

The Emperor Arcana
Analytical Hypertext:
Doctorow and File

The Hierophant Arcana
Final Remix:
Little Brother
Mark's Adventure

 The Lovers Arcana
Winter Learning

The Chariot Arcana