Like many businesses, warehouses are still somewhat cautious about their ex-offender employees, leading them to often avoid hiring them as direct hires, and instead more and more are turning to temp agencies to provide them with labor. These agencies happen to be the same places that many ex-cons turn to for help finding employment once released, leading to the high number of ex-offenders being placed in warehousing jobs across the nation. However, coming as a temp worker means a few things are different than the direct hires. First and most obvious is the difference in wages, but other conditions are also different. For instance, temps are almost basically expendable, often hired by certain warehouses only for a season or two before being let go and bouncing around to another warehouse.

Temporary workers also do not receive worker's compensation for injuries or have the ability to form a union. What's more, these workers do not obtain any seniority positions, meaning they can't really move up in the workplace. Another harmful aspect of being a temporary worker is that these people are constantly reassigned to various warehouses, making it a constantly changing work environment with new equipment, procedures, and coworkers. This makes it very difficult to become comfortable with the surroundings and people that they work with, leading to a very pessimistic attitude on the part of temporary ex-offenders in this industry.