One difficulty faced by ex-offenders in warehousing is their poor housing prospects. This is due in part to their history as well as their low wages, which create barriers towards getting a nice place in a safe location, especially one where temptations are not as common. If they're lucky, they are able to find a place far from their old neighborhoods, but for most, joining a middle-class housing complex is rare. Usually they end up only able to afford a disadvantaged neighborhood, where several problems pile up as a result. First, these neighborhoods can often mean unsafe and tempting environments for any children that ex-offenders may need to take care off. Also, they can present a barrier towards forming solid friendships and relationships with neighbors and potential friends because the neighborhood is not as open and friendly. Lastly, they continue to present temptations for crime that some simply can't resist because of their fragile mental situation; they have bleak employment opportunities, live a rough lifestyle, and often have multiple other barriers such as past injuries or fines to pay off.