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Welcome to the website for the research group of Thorsteinn Adalsteinsson in the Department of Chemistry at Santa Clara University. I hope you take the time to learn a bit about the research done in the group.

    On this website I have included some information about the research projects that the group works on. These projects are constantly changing, new projects are designed and older ones put to a temporary rest.

The puddler of wisdom
I hope this information may help you to decide if research is something that you are interested in learning and pursuing in your future career. If so, I would love to hear from you.
One of the most important factor that should guide you to contact a research mentor in any field should be if you find the questions and problems addressed by the mentor interesting and engaging. You will find out about my interest under the
Research Topics tab above. I have organized the research based on topic fields, rather than success or publications.

I also include some information about the courses that I teach, or have taught during the year. You will find this information under the
Classes tab on the right. In short, most of my classes are focused on physical chemistry. If you are curious about what physical chemistry is about, I hope you’ll find some of the information here as well. If you are considering becoming a bio-chemist, chemist or you are in molecular biology, physical chemistry will become an integral part of your education. In this case it may be useful to learn a bit about my teaching philosophy.