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Social Media has changed the face of democracy.

More than just a means of political discourse and dissent, technological breakthroughs now enable people to create light affinity ties with each other. These ties, if viewed in a political manner, could potentially create deeper solidarity bonds and incite mass political movements. Social Media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr now have the feature of reblogging, reposting and simply expressing agreement to what other netizens post. These humble acts of agreement psychologically connect people with the same ideologies. Through doing so, like-minded people are eager to be mobilized and are further empowered to act out because of their newfound strength in numbers. Through creating light affinity ties in Social Media platforms, a democratic and politically charged citizenry is created.  The connection between light affinity ties could be seen in both Doctorow’s book Little Brother and in various political events that have occurred over the emergence of the internet and Generation Facebook.

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