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Written by Representative Edcel C. Lagman, the Reproductive Health Bill 96 otherwise known as the "Reproductive Health, Responsible Parenthood and Population and Development" was created to address the growing issue of overpopulation in the Philippines. It is currently being disputed not just in the Philippine senate, but also in Philippine society itself. Among others, here are some of the notable provisions that are included in this controversial bill.

a. The elimination of restrictions on contraception including excessive regulation, requirements for third-party authorizations, and prohibitions on the dissemination of information regarding contraceptives;

b. Access to the full range of contraceptive methods, as well as accurate information on the relative benefits and risks of each method;

c. The regulation of quality of contraceptive methods and implement appropriate safeguards for efficacy, safety, and full, informed consent by the users;

d. The removal of all legal and regulatory barriers to reproductive health care for adolescents and create comprehensive, age-specific health programs for them as part of the country’s overall health policy. The services should include information and services addressing reproductive health, STIs, gender roles, sexuality and responsible use of contraceptives;

e. Also, there must be: i) the universal access to contraception and maternal health care, status; ii) services geared specifically towards the special reproductive health needs of adolescents; iii) sex education and life-skills programs for all levels of education — primary, secondary and tertiary. The policies must reflect the special needs of marginalized adolescents, such as street children and out-of-school youth;

f. The provision of special attention to reducing the incidence of teen-age pregnancy
and other adolescent reproductive health problems;

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