Domestic Duties
Away From Home

Imagine having to leave your family, travel to a faraway city by boat, live with a family whom you have never met, heed to their every beck and call 24 hours a day and for all of your troubles and earn a mere 10,000 pesos (200 dollars) a month.

That is the life of a typical household helper, referred to hereon as a maid, in Manila. It is a life of detachment from one’s family, strenuous labor and submission to the order of a family one has never met, all for the continuous strife for the almighty peso.

Working as a maid is common in Manila. Maids usually hail from the provinces and more often than not, live within the borders of poverty. They are usually women, single mothers with about 4 to 5 children. Their highest educational achievement is a high school diploma and even with that, they have not obtained any clerical skills or experience that could earn them any other job in the workforce. A lowly reputation is given to maids. This societal taint on their occupation, however, is something I passionately disagree with.

A website about maids would make a great topic for my last hypertext. It is time for the maids’ story to be told. It is time for their dignity to be upheld. It is time for the great middle to upper class citizens to give them the high regard and respect that they deserve.

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