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Author with his host family

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Linggo ng Wika (Philippine culture week) '09-'10 Poster

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The most memorable moments of my life would not have happened had I not gone to the Ateneo de Manila University. I learned more about my religion, my country and most importantly, the problems and issues that the Philippines is currently experiencing such as poverty. For example, during my junior year of high school, we were required to go an immersion wherein we lived with a host family for one weekend and wherein we “immersed” ourselves in their lives. Where did the host family live? They lived in one of the poorest areas of the Philippines. Because of the immersion, I learned to appreciate the blessings that I have now and that material things are essential, yet they have neither value nor importance in our lives as communal human beings. Another experience that I had was when we went on a silent retreat during my senior year. For 3 whole days, my class and I went on a retreat house up in the mountains and we were not permitted to mutter a single word. It was difficult at first, but we realized that in being silent, we were able to communicate with God and we were able to reflect on how we were living our lives for Him. Finally, perhaps my favorite experience is our yearly Philippine culture week wherein we celebrate the different practices, beliefs and traditions of the Philippines. Westernization and globalization are inevitable in every country but in response, events like the Philippine culture week remind us Filipinos of our history and encourage us to be proud of the rich and historic traditions of the Filipino culture.


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