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Modern Interpretation of the Ateneo Alma Mater Song

Mary for You (Alma Mater Song)
We stand on a hill between the earth and
The sky;
Now all is still,
Where Loyola’s colors fly
Our course is run
And the setting sun ends
Ateneo’s days;
Eyes are dry at the last good-bye;
This is the Ateneo way.
Mary for you!
For you’re White and Blue!
We pray you’ll keep us, Mary
Constantly true!
We pray you’ll keep us, Mary
Faithful to you.
Down from the hill,
Down to the world go I;
Remembering still,
How the bright Blue Eagles fly
Through joy and tears
Through the laughing years,
We sang our battle song;
Win or lose,
It’s the school we choose;
This is the place where we belong!
Mary for you…(Repeat)


Unlike schools here in the US, Philippine universities have their own sets of cheers and hymns and Ateneans know every Atenean cheers by heart, especially our alma mater song. Most of our cheers have been passed down from generation to generation and some of them are even in Latin! Here are some examples of Atenean cheers. (taken from:


Fabileoh Fee!
Fabileoh Aei!
Hurrah, hurrah
Hurrah Rah
Ateneo, Ateneo
Rah! Rah! Rah!

Halikinu Kinikina
Halikinu Kinikina
Yea bo yea bo Ateneo rah! (2)
Halikinu hu
Halikinu rah
Halikinu kinikina
Rah rah rah! (2)

Fight A (clap clap)
Fight T (clap clap)
Fight E Fight N
Fight E Fight O (clap clap)
Fight Blue (clap clap)
Fight White (clap clap)
The Blue and White will go and
Fight! (clap clap)
Fight sis, boom bah
Boom rah, rahrahrah ra ra rah (3)
Fight A (clap clap)
Fight T (clap clap)
Fight E Fight N
Fight E Fight O (clap clap)
Go Go ‘teneo!


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