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Ateneo de Manila University

An image of the Church of the Gesu, located in the heard of the university.

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Established in 1859, the Ateneo de Manila University was originally called Escuela Municipal de Manila, a public primary school located in the heart of Intramuros, Manila. At that time, Escuela Municipal de Manila had only 30 pupils of mostly Spanish descent. In 1865, Escuela Municipal de Manila expanded into a secondary school and eventually, into a university, offering degrees in English, Spanish, Public Health, Agriculture and Engineering. The size of its location was rapidly becoming inefficient, urging administrators to move the campus to a 297-acre land in Quezon City, Manila. With the change of location came the change of its name. Taken from the greek goddess of wisdom Athena, Escuela Municipal de Manila changed its name to Ateneo de Manila University, declaring itself as an institution of higher learning, rigorous academics, and most importantly, Jesuit values. From having 30 students, it now houses a total population of 11,709 students (ranging from kindergartners up to graduate students) from all over the Philippines on its 151st year of existence.

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