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How to Spot an Atenean


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First of all, what is an Atenean?

An Atenean is what you call someone who studies in the Ateneo de Manila University. Ateneans are not very difficult to spot in the Philippines. Out of the numerous idiosyncrasies that Ateneans possess, here are a few highlights.

This is probably the easiest way to tell if someone is from Ateneo or not. Although no prescribed attire is required for college students, the grade school and the high school students are another story. Grade school students are required to wear a white polo (with a name patch and the Ateneo Seal on the breast pocket), khaki pants and leather shoes. The clincher? The polo has to be tucked in.

The high school uniform does away with the tuck in. Also, instead of a white polo, Ateneo high school students have to wear a blue polo that has the Ateneo seal imprinted on it.

The Ateneo de Manila University is also known for having the top athletic program in the country, especially in basketball. School spirit is alive and kicking inside every Atenean. With every victory and every loss that our sports teams incur, at the end of day, we still beam with Atenean pride and we still cheer for our student-athletes.


Our school colors are blue and white and our mascot is the Ateneo Blue Eagle. Not only are our colors incredibly pleasing to the eye, but they also have a very religious meaning to them. Blue and white are in fact, the colors of Mother Mary, therefore representing our Marian devotion and the Marian compassion that we strive to emulate. Our mascot, the Blue Eagle, is a symbol of our strength, fortitude, courage, and when it comes to basketball, dominance over the rest of the Philippine universities.


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