Learning Essay

In the two quarters of this class I have learned so much it is pretty hard to just sum it up because the skill I have developed are so vast but here is my attempt to put it all together. With the Writing With New Media class being in the Fall Quarter of my freshman year this was one of the first college classes I had and it took me a while to adapt to the expectations and requirements but this class not only improved my writing but also help develop my work ethic and drive for my other class because of everything demanded for this class. But coming to what I especially learned from Professor Bousquet in the fall quarter was that the best way to prove your argument is not to come up with a thesis and pound it over the head of your reading and just coming up with concrete evidence to prove your point. Marc Bousquet taught us the other route and that was to look at a conflict and get as many view points as you can to show multiple angles of the situation which took me a while to fully grasp but can be seen in my Students before Athletes hypertext which discussed the problems student athletes face because the assumption that these people are less of students because they happen to play sports. I showed multiple angles from where teachers, students, parents and other groups stand on the issue. I also continued to do this in my next hypertext, Low Wage Jobs where I discuss the challenges that janitors face in public and private schools and also touch on other issues such as immigration and unions. But when I think about my favorite project from the fall quarter I think of the first hypertext which was our passion project where we were allowed to do any topic that we wanted to and I decided to do my project on underground music. I really enjoyed this project because it was something I was really interested in, even though it is probably not my best website I really enjoyed the topic. This being the first hypertext I went through a lot of issues from the content of the website to my individual imput to the subject but most of my problems came from the use of Dreamweaver. In the fall quarter I could not stand using Dreamweaver because every time I used it I had some kind of problems with it which made it extremely frustrating. To be totally honest I could not stand this class simply because of Dreamweaver but as my skill progressed on this program I enjoyed the class more and more. In the second half of class in the spring quarter I had to teach myself again to use Dreamweaver which was somewhat difficult again but nothing too bad. I really enjoyed the Writing with New Media 2 course in the spring because I was interested in the issues and themes found in Little Brother by Cory Doctorow. I really liked the book and could see myself picking up the book even if it was not assigned in school. The hypertext we did for the book was on one theme that you found interesting in Little Brother and expand on it and I choose to write on the theme of what are ones freedoms when it comes to being surveilled and how much is all the surveillance keeping up safe against ‘terrorism’. For this website I followed more or less the same strategy of multiple viewpoints that I used in the first quarter but my skills were more developed on the writing side as well on the website development side and I created the best website I have so far in both classes in my opinion. Next the project we worked on was the screen writing which I also enjoyed. My screen play was on a man coming back from war and finding that his hometown has completely chaged and his attempt to change his city back to normal. This is juxtaposed to Marcus in Little Brother when he is detained because of his phone and when he is finally released back to the public weeks later he sees that all of San Francisco has completely changed and a lot of the story is Marcus’s attempt to restore the rights of the people. Next project was actually making the movie in a program called Second Life that had its pluses and minuses. The fact that we were making an animated film on second life was incredible but some of the experience we had online were not but overall I enjoyed the project. My role for the movie was editing which I was also interested in and took a lot of pride in the project and I learned a lot. The final project was the final remix hypertext and I decided to do another comic but now made it a lot longer and in depth. I expanded on themes from Little Brother and am also very proud of this project as well because I put a lot of time into thinking of ways to combine all the themes into one piece. Throughout these two courses we completed a lot of projects and at times the classes got extremely hard and at times became overwhelming but I am glad that I took this two part class because it helped me get acclimated to what is expected at Santa Clara University and also gave me skills I could apply in all classes I take in the future.

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